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Pirate stimuli to indulge the senses.

In this area of our page you'll find everything from music videos, songwriting commentary, behind the scenes footage & photos of the crew doing what we do best.


The Ubiquitous YouTube.

The first video I popped onto YouTube was just an "off the cuff" demonstration of an instrumental I was publishing on Necrovision's soon to be posthumously released CD "Effigy".  It was by no means professionally done as the lighting was completely wrong, I wasn't in costume for the show, and the audio came straight from the cheap Piezo microphone typical in Canon Powershot "point & shoot" cameras.  I did it more as a video journal to myself so I don't forget how to freaking play it than a production release to the general public.  But the French (Quebec & France) seem to like it so I'm leaving it there.  Due to it really not aligning with the character of the rest of our material, I've decided to simply make the song a "single" and not publish with the "Effigy" release.  So here it is...  Les Vents du Cheval.  Or in plain English "The Horse Winds".

The Horse Winds ~ Necrovision

Creation Date: June 30th, 2009

Videographer: yours truly, le Marquis de Ceas'd.

Location: #@'er Entertainment.

Then came the only music video the band "Necrovision" ever made as a group.  Again, we captured all the video segments with a cheap Canon PowerShot ELPH & pieced it all together with Microsoft's own "Movie Maker".  I might add, this was a lot of freaking fun to make, and we received a lot of art direction from a good friend of ours in the professional photography business.  This has always been the band's favorite song in our repertoire.  The video, however campy & clearly amateur, doesn't disapoint.  We give you... "Chase the Dragon"

Chase the Dragon ~ Necrovision

Creation Date: May 3rd, 2009  (Copyright 2015)
Videographer: le Marquis de Ceas'd.
Costume Design:  Landes Costumes by Rachel (now defunct), John Dashiel, Mike Gallagher & le Marquis de Ceas'd.
Video Concepts: Joseph & Sarah Beth Name, and le Marquis de Ceas'd.
Location: #@'er Entertainment.


I'm going to continue producing music videos for our favorite "Necrovision" carry overs, including such classics as "Curse of the krackAss", "My Many Heads", and "Effigy".  And that's where we'll draw the line in the sand & say that this was yesterday.  Content from "Debaucherous" will have a familiar but different, more enticing flavor.


Pictures of the band back during the Necrovision days.

1st drummer Mike Parker 1st Bassist -Billy the living Beavis 1st Lead Vocalist - Capt. de Schlong 1st Rhythm Guitarist - Sven Thogrin More Sven Thogrin 2nd Bassist - the Mad Scot More Mad Scot
and more Mad Scot Necrovision at Premier show 2nd drummer - Brian Johnson Necrovision in early 2009 Necrovision with "El Polo Gordo" - the Fat Chicken le Marquis in 2007 le Marquis in 2012


Coming soon.

You'll soon be seeing behind the scenes pictures, commentary & other tidbits on the creation of the new show "Debaucherous" as we are winding things up this year.