The low-down on the crew

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Gulf du Saint Laurent

Where did the idea for this show come from.

Many, many years ago... (circa 2003) I had a brainstorm of an idea.  I wanted to create a Public Access television show similar in nature to "Wayne's World", but with a pirate theme.  It was going to be called "Necrovision TV" and would have a house band much like the Tonight Show with David Letterman.  It was a comedy show with a mixture of styles akin to Benny Hill, Mel Brooks, and Monty Python.  But the more I looked into the cost of doing a television production, the more I realized this was out of my league budget wise.  So I abandoned the show & focused all my efforts on the musical group, with strong interest in keeping it as theatrical production based as I could.

The early 2000's was a weird time in the music business, and content sharing sites like "Napster" hadn't yet changed the landscape of media distribution for forever.  At least not yet.  All the big music labels were about to go off the cliff like lemmings.  And of those that survived, hardly any of the people or it's public demographic compared to their former glory.   The country still wasn't over the shock of the Sept 11 terrorist attack on the World Trace Center either.  Building up to that same era in history, my own personal life was on a downward spiral.  I'd spent years as a high functioning alcoholic, and was later seduced into the world of illicit drug abuse.  It started off harmless enough with whippits, Ketamin, a few pot bongs & then later a hit of LSD at a college party.  But once I started down the path of the Great White Buffalo, it all stumbled downhill on the express train to hell.  I don't think it unreasonable to state I may well have outdone Ozzy when it comes to lifetime quantity consumed.  But just like a lot of other people's sob stories, I figured out where I was headed a day late & dollar short, ended up going through a bloody divorce & a devastating bankruptcy a year later.  It was during & in the aftermath of all that chaos that "Necrovision" wrote its best, most controversial content.  But behaviorally, psychologically & emotionally I was still a wreck.  I had to gut out a very long term commitment, attending therapy with a psychologist to un-do all the "broken-ness" of my early adulthood.  And when I came out of it years later, I didn't connect with the dysfunction of the music anymore.  In the early life of the show I was sometimes a dick to my band mates.  They'd show up to my place to practice & I'd have to cancel on them, so I could go make a dope run & fend off the cravings.  So things were very on & off with practices, recording & live performances.  When it was good at Necrovision, it was damn good & forever memorable.  But ultimately I had to put my sobriety & mental health first.

At Locals OnlyWe even got to play at the somewhat famous "Locals Only ~ Music & Art bar" on N. Keystone Ave in Indianapolis, IN on several occasions. This picture was taken just after our first live performance.  We were petrified to death that people wouldn't like our music, or think we were total fucking amateurs.  But we did it with positive results, even if there were some WTF looks on their faces here & there.  It stirred up some much needed controversy over the content of our music.  But sadly, we only played there two more times before the cigarette ban in all public venues drove the club out of business.  Much like most of Indy's other popular night clubs did post-ban.  In our hey-day, the members in the photo going left to right were: Rocky Griffith (aka: the Dread Pirate de Schlong), John Dashiel (Sven Thogrin ~ the Butcher), Mike Gallagher (Galchobhair Urquhart ~ the Mad Scot), and yours truly... the Marquis de Ceas'd.  (Click the thumbnail to see full size).


Man Super n Marquis de CeasdWe met a lot of really interesting people there, most notably "Man-Super".  A very eclectic (and a bit eccentric) solo acoustic artist that words just can't describe.  I'll always have mad respect for this gentleman & poet.  So even in those dark days of my personal dysfunction, we found glimmers of joy that no chemical composition could subdue.  But as I stated earlier, the screwed up lyrics in our music just didn't jive with me after having attended therapy & I pretty much lost interest in the show, in playing musical instruments of any kind, or of just music in general.  I tried picking the show back up again a year or so later with the help of our Mad-Scot & the Butcher, but a 1st Person shooter, computer game developer in Turkey stole the custom made fonts & our band name right off our web page & made a game with the same title.  I couldn't sue them because we didn't Copyright anything, and we didn't have the money for an International Property rights attorney.  It was the last nail in our coffin.  I had to have a break, so I shut down "Necrovision" in Sept of 2012.


Necrovision in its prime

Necrovision May of 2009

A rebirth of the show, but with a more positive & comical spin.

I began planning the resurrection of "Necrovision's" best musical content in March of 2014, but wanted to re-brand the show with something less gothic sounding & more indicative of the libidinous, party animal, bohemian culture the production has always had.  And that's how we ended up becoming "Debaucherous".  As I was writing much of the back-story for Necrovision in 2003, I did so in a short novel format, using that name as the title.  Not knowing that some day we'd have to re-brand.  So the decision to do so was not without due consideration, but the choice for me was pretty easy.  It sums us up in a word, and one that I happen to like.  Today the only members in Debaucherous are yours truly, and tentatively our Mad-Scot.  And I only say "tentatively" because we're not spring chickens anymore & some folks' health doesn't last as long as others.  I'll keep him active in it as much as I can & owe him that much.  The rest of the crew's roster has yet to be filled, but we are auditioning now.  (See our employment tab for details).